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Home: Dressing table decoration

This dressing table was found at the side of the road and I was kindly allowed to take it home. Since then, it’s been my firm favourite item of furniture. I have no idea how old it is, but I love its second hand style.


The back of this dressing table has a slight edge, which is perfect for resting artwork on. As a renter, nails in the wall are a bit no-no. So, I’ve got creative, and propped my artwork up against the wall to create a ‘hanging’ effect.

The top of the dresser is used for storing my daily cosmetics and brushes in a bootsale bargin dish and Ikea plant pot . A few items from my travels, like the Moroccan mirror, bowl and mini Tagine pot give this little area a playful, exotic colour scheme.


The drawers of my desk house other cosmetics such as body lotions and hair products which are too bulky for the counter top. I also have enough room for my hair dryer, curlers and straighteners as well as your average bathroom cupboard items like plasters and cotton wool.

I’ve toyed with painting this dresser for a while, but never quite brought myself to. I love its tattered appearance and perfect deep shade of wood.

*Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links or sponsored content in this post, just an honest look at my little bits of décor.

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