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Home: A look at my desk & workspace

My desk is one of my favourite areas in the house. It’s where I spend a lot of my time completing my coursework, so it’s lovely to have pretty surroundings to work in.


I’ve tried to keep the clutter off my desk, storing it instead in my drawers, shelves and storage boxes. The desktop is simple, including a second, larger screen for my laptop, a 1930s-40s Kilner Jar filled with pennies, a file for all my current documents and magazines, and a little tealight holder from Store Twenty One I’m using as a stationary pot.


The big blank wall above my desk is home to an inspiration board, full of personal pictures and postcards to remind me of travels past and little memories.


Simplicity was key here and it’s taken a bit of refining to get here. Now, it feels like I’ve got my desktop sussed!

*Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links or sponsored content in this post, just an honest look at my little bits of décor.

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