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Photo tour of the living room

Our living room is definitely the heart of the house. The neutral decor made it a reasonably blank canvas, and the room came with just the two sofas, a coffee table and Ikea chair. We have filled the room with furniture and colourful cushions, making it a functioning space which we do most of our living in.


We aimed to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. We have a lot of guests come to visit and having a room where everyone can socialise was important. We have a fair amount of seating, although it never seems enough and often we have to get chairs from the kitchen so we don’t play musical chairs!


Our ‘cabinet of curiosities’ was found at the side of the road by a house being renovated last year, and we were able to take it home. Getting it in to the flat (up a narrow fire escape,) wasn’t easy, but it’s certainly been worth the struggle. Our ridiculously huge DVD collection is stored there, keeping the space from feeling cluttered. Behind the glass doors, the cabinet is filled with ornaments and small decorative items.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 15.56.52

To the left is a small bowl Ali purchased on our trip to Marrakech this March. I love the vibrant colours, and it matches the blue and purple colour scheme we’ve developed. The area on the right is in the corner of the room. After reconfiguring the space recently, we were left with a huge blank wall. We hung a thin throw from Thailand, and used the area to display some artwork.


By far my favourite part of the room, the cosy reading corner has been seen here before, but it’s had a few changes since then. When we reconfigured the space, the biggest change was moving our ‘cabinet of curiosities’ to the other side of the room, and swapping over the shelves seen above with the dark wood decorative cabinet which was here before. Gary’s model ship adds a quirky nautical touch and I love the look of mismatched books in an interior. The space looks much better this way.

kiki signiture

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