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Photo portraits of a kitty

Now that I have a little spare time it’s been nice to relax a little. I spent the weekend charity shopping with Ali, and we went for a big Sunday roast with our friends to celebrate handing in our assignments and having a catch up too. I’ve been enjoying the little things a lot more too, now that I have the time (and lack of stress!) to notice them.

Our lovely cat, Sid, hasn’t been enjoying things so much recently. There’s building work going on in our communal courtyard, the shop we live above, and the terraced building next door, which makes for a lot of drilling and banging. Sid absolutely hates it, and he’s terrified of the noise whenever it starts – the walls are so thin the sound really carries here!

So, seeing as my attic room is the furthest away from all the noise, Sid has taken to hanging out with me upstairs. He sits on my wicker hamper soaking up the brief moments of sunshine, snoozing and keeping me company. He looked so sweet I had to take a few photographs.


When Sid stares with this face he’s probably thinking how to attack your feet!


Sid thinks he’s a lion sometimes, here he is ‘roaring’!


My favourite photo – Sid takes a nap.


His little paws.

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