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My Bedroom: Displaying trinkets on a chest of drawers

Far too long ago I promised you photographs of my bedroom in my now not-so-new maisonette flat. It’s taken a long time to finally get my room to state where everything has a place – it’s a challenging space to work with, with about half the room under 1.5m in height thanks to a seriously sloping ceiling. I carefully collected furniture to suit this small space, ensuring I have enough storage (my biggest issue, and also biggest financial investment here,) but also a bit of room to display my trinkets too.

Finally, FINALLY (!) here is the first in a series of posts dedicated to my bedroom decor, with lots of photos too! This area is the top of my chest of drawers, which I’ve posted about before shortly after we moved. As you can, the decoration has evolved and been refined a lot! So now, here are the photos, enjoy!





Trinkets are the feature of this vignette. The tiny glass jar was a purchase from my recent trip to Morocco. I love the patterned metal and the simple but elegant design. This huge piece of grey potpourri compliments the glassware and photo frames, and it’s been recycled from the MoneySupermarket ‘Room for Improvement’ Challenge I took part in last year.


This teacup candle was a gift from my mum. It came from a stall at Greenwich Market, and I posted about it here when I first got it. It’s still one of my favourite decoration accessories.



The paper flower on the left I made from the tissue paper you get in fancy shopping bags and boxes. The beautiful box, (which is a huge understatement!) on the right was a birthday present from my mum this year – she has wonderful taste! It’s just exquisite, and the distressed detail makes it one of my most prized possessions.


This quirky glass bottle came from my local bootsale, and was an absolute bargain at 50p. It was priced so low, the man at the stall told me, ‘because the cap is broken’. Little did he know that the tarnished, cracked cap held so much charm that it was the reason I wanted to buy it in the first place!


Antique books are a staple item when it comes to a lot of stylists. I think old books are so wonderful because they have so much character. Their battered spines, creased corners and pages in different shades of age make them feel precious in some way, and always add interest to a vignette.

The two books on top of this pile are my favourite. While the exteriors are beautiful in themselves, it was what was in the pages that captured me. They are orchestral scores for pieces by Brahms and Haydn, pages yellowed with age and in tact. I was brought up listening to classical music, and I’ve played the piano since I was five. These books mean a lot more to me than simply the pretty spines. Although they came from a charity shop, understandably they weren’t cheap. But, I got to help a good cause and pick up some truly special pieces.

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