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Product Picks: Home accessories from Not on the High Street

Not on the High Street is a staple go to when it comes to quirky, budget interior accessories. Not on the High Street is a great online shop that curates products from many different independent designers. They don’t just sell home accessories, but one look at their vast catalogue will tell you that you could spend hours window shopping their stock! So, I’ve decided to share my favourite home accessories from my latest online browsing spree.

honeycomb balls, ‘home is where the heart is’ printporcelain teapot hook, fair trade Daha ceramic knobsSerenissima Venice Basilica plateRecency tea collection, love bird pair

I’m such a sucker for honeycomb balls! I’ve been meaning to make my own for quite some time, but I’m just not confident that my own creation would be anything near as lovely as these ones by Ginger Ray. These would make great decorative items for any Easter parties you may be having, (especially with their Spring-ready pastel colours,) or simply hung around the home for a sense of fun.

Custom prints are a personal, and often cheap, way of adding a piece of unique artwork to your home. This ‘home is where the heart is’ print by PaperPaper is my favourite print I came across on Not on the High Street, and considering their vast selection this is saying something! The house design is simple but pretty (and kind of like my logo too!) while the map print can be personalised with the location of your home, and your address in a special font too.

The porcelain teapot hook by Sparks Living is really quirky. It would look great in a kitchen, plus you could use it to hang up your apron or jackets. In fact, this teapot would be adorable all over the house, hanging things and looking pretty. I’m inwardly mourning my rental restrictions that mean I can’t buy and hang one of these beauties.

My bestie Bibs recently moved in to her first home! We went to visit last week, and we’ve already started looking out for little bits and pieces that will help make her house more personal. One item on her list were some detailed door knobs. These fair trade Daha ceramic knobs by NKUKU are decorated with an interesting bohemian pattern. The selection of colours is great too, allowing some mix and match or a streamlined effect in all one shade. Even better, they’re handmade ethically.

I think my favourite item of all has to be this Serenissima Venice Basilica plate from Nimerology. I’m completely taken with the vibrant colour and intricate, interesting illustration. It’s almost too pretty to eat from!

I’ve been cooing over this mismatched Recency tea collection from The Contemporary HomeThe whimsical pattern is sophisticated but delicate, and makes me wish I could be sat at a summery tea party. With pastel coloured macaroons. A girl can dream!

There is a weird and wonderful side to Not on the High Street too. These love birds by The Flower Stuido are definitely an eclectic home accessory! The birds are made of metal, and honestly they remind me more of pigeons than love birds! But, I’ve still got a soft spot for them – I used to live in London and they remind me of the infamous Trafalgar Square pigeons – and make me feel all ‘Londener’ again!

What’s your favourite item from Not on the High Street? Let me know in the comments below!KiKi signiture

* I am not associated with Not on the High Street in any way. All opinions are, as always, my own and I will always let you know if a post is from an affiliate of mine.

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