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Blogging for Business: Getting help with tricky technical stuff

When I decided to start writing about Blogging For Business, I asked my bestie and fellow blogger Jade of travel blog JourneyCount if there was anything she thought you would like to hear about. She said she wanted to know how to get someone to help her with the complicated technical aspects of her blog. I’ve also had a few questions from other bloggers about how I got this blog looking the way it does from a technical perspective. I’m by no means a web genius, but I have found some great little ‘life hacks’ to make the technical side of blogging a bit more accessible. I started to write an answer to this question but I realised that there are  lot of bits of blogging that seem daunting at first, but can actually be really simple if you find the right help! So, to start with, I’ll give the most direct answer I can to Jade’s question:

Make friends with people who know their stuff


Start at home

This is the easy answer to Jade’s question! If you’re at college or university, seek out people on courses with the skill-sets you’re lacking for your blog and make a new friend. Alternatively, if you work in media you may well have some colleagues who know their stuff too. I bet you’ll already have lots in common anyway, just coming from different perspectives. While they probably won’t make over your blog for free, they might offer you mates rates or give you some free advice! Ali, my creative marketer, I’ve known for three years. It was lucky for me that as well as being an awesome friend, she began studying PR at the same time I started to take this blog seriously. She’s great with advice!

Go to meet ups

Another way to meet people with the skills you need for your blog are meet ups for those specific skills. These events range from hyperlocal networking events to huge conventions. Alongside networking with some valuable contacts, a lot of these events have lectures or workshops too, where you can learn some of the skills yourself. If you’re based in Birmingham, UK, I can recommend the Birmingham Social Media Café. Although it’s based around social media, it’s a networking event for all media professionals, or students, in Birmingham.

Or, keep reading and find out how to do it yourself!

While having helpful friends it great, I think it’s important to try and learn some skills yourself too. If you want to go into media, especially writing for the web, any technical things you can do will be really helpful. Treat your blog as a learning experience and try some new things.

But, here’s my number one cheat: the internet is full of tutorials walking you through everything, from moving host to working InDesign, in baby steps and often videos too. In my next posts for Blogging for Business I’ll be sharing some online tutorials I’ve found helpful in developing my blog, as well as my own experiences and little tips. If you would like me to post on anything specific just drop me a comment below!

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