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Organising my craft supplies with Ikea Algot drawers

This is a tale of beauty and the beast… The beast is an ugly bathroom drawer unit I bought from Argos in my first year of university. It was overpriced for what it was, but I was desperate for some bathroom storage. So desperate, in fact, that without a screwdriver I put it together screwing in the parts using tweezers. Madness? Maybe. But it stayed put together with occasional tightening. It sat in my ensuite of my ‘freshers’ flat and the shared bathroom of my house in second year. In my last house, the bathroom drawers became craft storage in the ‘cupboard-of-doom’. It rusted, it wobbled, I tightened it, it wobbled again. The drawers perpetually fell out. It was a rubbish piece of design.


Enter beauty; the Algot frame and mesh drawers from Ikea. I bought my first Algot unit to store my clothes, and I was so taken with the cheap but spacious design I decided to get more to solve my drawer problem. Beauty and the beast looked awful together. While I’m all about mis matched furniture, this wasn’t stylish in any way and always looked messy and unfinished.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 18.51.37

Looks aside, the Argos drawers were completely past their sell by date. The plastic drawers themselves were broken and missing corners. The metal was rusted. Every time I opened a drawer it fell out, no matter how much I tightened it. On a practical level, my drawers were no longer big enough to store my ever growing collection of craft supplies. So, off to Ikea I went. Check out my post on the Ikea haul I came away with!

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 13.30.06

Putting together the Algot drawer unit was an absolute breeze. I normally love putting together flat pack furniture, but the last time I put this unit together I had a bit of a nightmare doing it on my own. I was dreading it this time, but as I’d done it before it was surprisingly easy! After about ten minutes I had a brand new drawer unit! I filled it with all my crafty goodies; one drawer for large pieces to be decorated, one for craft bits and bobs, and one for bulky DIY items.


The overall effect is much more streamlined. It makes the total architectural fail of a low, sloping ceiling make sense somehow which is a minor miracle. I can’t get over how tidy this area looks now, and the Algot units did a great job of making the space seem clutter free. The drawers are deep and surprisingly spacious, meaning that even weirdly shaped items can be tidied away easily. I can’t wait until we’re in our next home so I can expand my Algot collection into a full open storage system.

KiKi signiture* Despite how much it may sound like it, I’m not affiliated with Ikea in any way. I’m just a really satisfied customer and all opinions are my own.

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