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Ikea haul: quick-fix bedroom solutions

Yesterday I handed in my last assignment for my masters course for a while! With a bit of spare time on my hands, I decided an excursion to Ikea was (finally!) in order. I’ve been wanting to visit Ikea again for a while now. My last trip had the purpose of sorting out my bedroom storage issues. I came away with a Billy bookcase for my books and the Algot frame and drawers from the clothes system series to expand my wardrobe. I’ve dreamt of having an open wardrobe for so long, so I figured if I got that unit I could eventually build on it once I’m in an unfurnished flat. The drawers were surprisingly spacious and I didn’t actively hate the simple, cheap design. There was enough room for my clothes, at long last!

Everything was sorted when it came to my bedroom. The room was almost complete. Then, over Christmas, a few things happened. Firstly, I got a lot more craft items for Christmas, yey and thanks to my awesome friends and family! Unfortunately, this came at the time when my cheap little Argos bathroom drawers I bought in first year and had been using for craft storage decided to buckle under the weight. I’ve hated these drawers since I bought them, but I’ve persevered this far because they were so overpriced for how awful they are. It was time to upgrade, and I was so sold on the Algot drawers I decided to add another unit to my collection. They’re the only drawer units I’ve found with deep drawers that fit under my low ceiling too!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 22.12.46Algot frames and mesh drawers : Image property of Ikea

Secondly, my window started leaking. This meant I had to move my bed from where it could get wet. I like the new position, but now the naked lightbulb in my room that previously wasn’t a problem shines in my eyes whenever I’m reading in bed. This was a nightmare that had to end quickly, so a new, inexpensive light shade was top of my list. It’s also started to get really cold here. The downsides of chilly laminate flooring underfoot in the morning are starting to become apparent. Finally, I could treat myself to my dream fluffy rug to make mornings a bit less painful.

Lengthy background over and done with, it was time to go to Ikea. After an hour and a bit, I came back with my little haul! I got the important items on my list first; the Algot frame and basket drawers Tejn faux sheepskin rug and Regolit lamp shade. I ended up going for the cheapest lamp shade I could find; I plan on decorating it with paint a la many-a Pinterest tutorial to save some cash and get a unique piece at the end!


But, I was kind of naughty here.. I got a bit of extra money this week, so I decided to buy myself a few treats too. I recently got a couple of lovely cushion covers, but despite the overwhelming amount of cushions in our flat, none of them fit! These two Inner cushions were only £2 each so I snapped up a couple. I also got a pack of Nyttja two photo frames which I plan on covering with some similar fabric I have to the covers. Keep watching for a tutorial on this, it will involve my shiny new glue gun

My dressing table is a continual mess, so when I saw this Druvflader plant pot I knew it would be perfect for tidying away my large bottles and brushes. I’m planning on using up some of my paint tester pots to paint the weave  in spring pastel shades. But, my favourite item of all has to be this Morkt tealight lantern. I was sort-of on the lookout for a new bedside lamp as my old one doesn’t fit my room as much as I’d like. I already have a tealight lantern (also from Ikea!) so this was a bit of a cheeky splurge at £6 compared to my other items, but I love the retro design. It’s meant for a garden, but it will find a new home on my bedside table.

Have you been to Ikea recently? What was your favourite buy? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

KiKi signiture

I am not affiliated with Ikea, I’m just a satisfied customer!

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    • Thanks, I was pretty pleased with myself! My trick is to set myself a budget for a little thing or two I know I’ll see and want. I also only let myself go once or twice a year. Ikea is so dangerous for my poor purse!

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