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10 ways to reorganise your rented property

Living in rented accommodation, especially on a student budget, can often mean a lot of compromising. Storage, however, is one thing that is really difficult to make do with. If things aren’t stored away or displayed properly it’s all too easy for clutter to take over and impromptu storage solutions, like that infamous kitchen drawer full of junk, start to pop up across your property. Here are 10 ways to reorganise your rented home without breaking the bank – or your landlord’s contract terms.

Flat pack living room unit

living room storage unit besta shelves ikeaBesta units – image source Ikea

Rented living rooms are notoriously sparsely furnished, often with just sofas and a coffee table or small television stand. If you’re lacking in living room storage, then a flat pack living room wall unit could be the perfect solution. Flat pack furniture is quick and easy to assemble, plus you can take apart again and transport it if you move property. These Besta units from Ikea offer versatile storage options in white, brown and black, and accommodate your TV too. Try decorating a Besta shelving unit with personal accessories mixed with the items you need to store. Experiment and see which arrangements work best!

Get inventive with hanging items

Most rental contracts don’t allow you to put nails in the wall, which prevents putting up any additional hooks up. Luckily, there are lots of impermanent options for hanging your clothing. Try these Ceramic Hook Over Door Hanger* from Premier Housewares, where you can hang coats or other treasures on the backs of your door for unobtrusive storage. If you fancy a luxury treat, this black coat rack from Graham and Green is an industrial take on the traditional coat rack, which would sit comfortably in an entrance hall or living room.

Try temporary bathroom storage

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 13.15.12

If your rented bathroom is missing some crucial storage, there’s a wide range of temporary options to choose from. For a shabby chic look, these Southport midboy drawers from Next offer a chic solution to suit most white bathroom sets. Or, for a cheap and easy option, try this 2 Tier Shower Caddy* which can keep your toiletries organised while taking up barely any space. Even better, you can take all these items with you when you leave your property, and they also leave no damage at all as it’s just additional furniture. If you’re looking for more ways to personalise your rented bathroom on a budget, then check out my post!

Splash out on a Storage Bed

max storage bed the storage bed companyimage property of The Storage Bed company

Storing bulky items like spare bedding, towels and linen often requires a fair bit of space. A storage bed is a great option as it makes use of floor space otherwise taken up. This dual functioning piece of furniture is practical for tucking away clothes, bedding or anything else you need regular access to that you don’t have the space to store out of the way. The Storage Bed Company offers some wonderfully functional beds in a range of designs. The Max bed*, shown above, is my favourite. You can customise the fabric the bed is upholstered in too, giving your item a bespoke feel.

Stack pretty crates


A easy solution to quickly tidy away bits and bobs is to simply throw them into some pretty crates! Storage crates can be stacked in a tower, positioned alone or grouped as décor accessories. This set of 3 crates from ShabbyChic4You on Etsy are beautifully distressed to create a rustic, vintage look. They’re functional too, and with a few different sizes they will look great displayed too.

Update your laundry basket

Keep your dirty clothes out of the way with an updated laundry basket. Both functional and stylish, there are lots of different designs available so you’re bound to find one to suit your interior. Having a pretty laundry basket means it will get used more as you can put it in the most easily accessible position without worrying about how it affects the style of the room. My favourites are this wood and wicker basket and this dark wicker basket from Zara Home. They both have a whimsical design and would look perfect with the woven bathroom drawers seen earlier.

Display your jewellery

Tangled necklaces, scattered rings, never being able to find that matching earring… If these sound familiar then it’s probably time to organise your jewellery. There are lots of different, impermanent ways to display jewellery. This silver sausage dog ring holder from Lisa Angel is a characterful way to keep all your rings in one place. Alternatively, display your necklaces with a jewellery tree from Dwell. It’s almost impossible for them to get tangled when using one of these.

Organise your desk

Desk space can often become messy very quickly. Creating a filing system for your papers and stationary can help to keep the clutter at bay. This wipeable wheelie bin desk tidy from Luckies is a fun solution to storing your pens – and getting creative with them! You can write on the sides of it, and decorate it with pictures or leave yourself little memos. To help keep your papers organised, this wooden set of drawers from Cox & Cox is on trend and big enough to tidy your documents in style.

Increase your kitchen storage


If you’re lucky enough to have a rental kitchen with ample storage space, you’re among the fortunate few. For those of us with less-than-stellar storage, there are a few options available. Firstly, try talking to your landlord about getting an extra kitchen unit or two. State your case fairly and see what they say. We were able to get an extra unit in our flat, although we put it together and installed it ourselves. Alternatively, purchase a standalone flatpack kitchen cabinet to store cutlery and plates, like the Factum cupboard from Ikea. If an extra cabinet isn’t an option, some simple open shelves like these Linchen shelves* from fit in a small space, but make the most of their height providing storage. Even better, this item is completely customisable as you can move the shelving dividers around to create a versatile storage device.

Go wild with a garden shed

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 13.42.02

If you’re still lacking storage there is one more option, but it’s a big commitment! Garden sheds are the perfect storage space as they make use of the land outside your house. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a garden, or you share one, this isn’t an option for you. You’ll also need to adhere to planning laws, and of course check with your landlord. However, if your shed is an impermanent structure, it could be the perfect solution to some extra space for garden tools or other bulky equipment. Wickes has a large selection of sheds, from plastic to timber models.

Have you created extra storage on your rented home? How did you do it? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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