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Inspiring Design: Colour In Wallpaper (+ tutorials!)

Colouring books used to be for children, but recently colour in wallpaper has captured the world of interior design. Colour in wallpaper is, simply, fun! Your creative side is unleashed, and you can do as much or as little as you want. Plus, it’s an easy way to personalise your home. It also creates an interesting feature wall, which would make a great talking point in the home. So, here are a few of my favourite colour in wallpapers on the market at the moment. Plus, the links to a few tutorials so, if you are on a budget, you can make your own.

Fill in frames by Taylor and Wood

taylor and wood frames wallpaperThis frame print wallpaper, by Taylor and Wood, is a simple and stylish way keep up with the colour in trend. Not only can you colour in the frames, you can fill them with photos, prints and other inspirational pictures. This wallpaper also offers a creative way to display children’s artwork!

Daring doodles by Burgerplex

burger mash wallpaper by burgerplex

Burger Mash wallpaper is daring in its design, featuring a doodle of epic proportions. This weird and wonderful wallpaper would make a fantastic focal wall if it were all coloured in. Alternatively, place a desk on your papered wall and create a coloured doodle extending from your workspace. It may inspire you!

Kids colouring by Funwall

jungle design colour in wallpaper by funwall

While children could colour in any of the wallpapers I mention, the intricate designs may not be suitable for little ones. Luckily, there are lots of children’s colour in wallpapers on the market, but this one was my favourite. The jungle design is fun, and would make a picture mural once it was finished.

Sneaky solution from Showstopper

globetrotter wallpaper by showstopper

This Globetrotter wallpaper from Showstopper isn’t meant for colouring in. But, this design offers a grown up option to creating a subtle, coloured in wall, without looking too DIY. Try using soft and neutral tones to create a calming colour scheme and a luxury look.

Get the look without wallpaper

If wallpaper isn’t your thing and you want to try a bit of DIY, have a look at these tutorials to see how you can personalise your walls with a handmade colour-in design.

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