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5 ways to personalise your rented bathroom on a budget

The bathroom has always been the most difficult room to personalise in a rented house. In my case, our bathroom is covered in horrendous blue tiles, with nothing we can do about it. As, in most cases, renters are unable to get their DIY gloves on and start repainting and ripping out tiles, we have to look to other ways to make our bathrooms ours. So, here are 5 tips to spice up your bathroom without breaking the bank, or your rental contract terms.

bathroom tips collageREFRESH – Cillit Bang spray, Wickes grout reviver // WALL ART – Bronte Rose Hanging Sign // SWAP ITEMS – Wilko bathroom bin, Wilko wood toilet seat, Wilko shower curtain // TRINKETS – Wilko striped star, Wilko ‘Bath’ ornaments, Wilko soap dispenser.

Refresh your room

This completely depends on how lenient your landlord is! If you aren’t allowed to make any aesthetic changes, just give the bathroom a deep clean. You might be surprised at the difference! Once you’ve cleaned, you may be able to see the source of any big stains/mould, and either fix these yourself or inform your landlord. If your landlord is up for you making a few changes, try asking about repainting the walls or, if your grout is a little worse for wear, whitening it. This can make the room seem a fresher, brighter space, providing a fresh canvas for your changes.

Create a colour scheme

A colour scheme may already be dictated by the décor of your bathroom, but often rented bathrooms are pretty bare. Use your own accessories to create a colour scheme, incorporating any existing décor with your items. By having your own colour scheme, the room will feel more personal, but often gives the décor a bit more purpose compared to a bare ‘move in’ state.

Swap in your own items

Your bathroom may already come with a shower curtain, bin, bath mat and doorknobs on the cabinets. All of these things can be changed easily, and placed back when you move out. By choosing these items for yourself, not only are you creating a colour scheme, you are also putting your own taste into the room.

Hang wall art

Hanging wall art is always a big rental debate due to the potential damage it may cause. We are completely unable to put any nails into our bathroom, as all of the walls are tilled. However, we did decide to hang a little sign from our window. Cute vintage bathroom signs are my favourite, but personal artwork also makes a bathroom seem more homely. If you do decide to use a nail as there are no alternatives, make sure you check with your landlord first. Alternatively, why not try hanging a hook over the top of the bathroom door?

Little trinkets

Little trinkets are really the thing that make a bathroom personal. These can range from stylish soap dispenser to creating a vignette using humidity-friendly items. The choice is up to you! Just make sure anything precious isn’t placed anywhere it could get wet.

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