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Bathroom Sneak Peek

bottle selection in bathroomThe last you saw of our bathroom, I was painting the window sill and whitening the grout. Now that the practical things are out of the way, we can focus on making this bathroom as personal as possible. It isn’t easy in a rented bathroom, and I’ll be posting a few tips soon on how to spice up a bathroom on a budget. For now, here’s a little look at our finished bathroom window sill.

The two coloured sand bottles came from a charity shop. The bottle in the middle is filled with sand from a holiday Ali and Gary went on. It’s such a lovely keepsake, and a fitting addition to a bathroom! The two turquoise bottles were 50p each from a local bootsale. Ali and I were taken with them and got one each, but weren’t sure where to put them. It turns out they add a nice pop of colour to the bathroom and compliment the unflattering blue tiles well. We made a little vignette with the bottles at one end of the sill as the shower is at the other end and has a nasty habit of leaking!

The cute vintage style bath sign is Ali’s, and she added it to the bathroom after it lounged on various surfaces throughout the flat with no purpose. We weren’t sure where to hang it as, in summer, the window was always in use. But, now the winter weather is making out bathroom freezing we don’t open the window at all if we can help it so the sign can hang there. It’s a great addition to the room as it has a definite style, something this bathroom was lacking before. Now, coupled with the bottles and the brightly coloured shower curtain, the bathroom has a bit of a quirky feel.

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