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A cosy chair and a second hand wooden cabinet

We have almost been living in the new flat for four months now, and wow has it gone quickly! I realised that aside from the odd piece of DIY or craft, our kitchen/diner reveal and a couple of snapshots of my room, I haven’t shared much of the new flat since I posted the empty photos of the flat. So, here’s a little look at the cosiest chair in the house, which is situated in the corner of our living room.

plaid throw, striped cushion, second hand wood cabinet

The chair itself came with the house, as did the white floral cushion and the white ribbed blanket. For me, this chair is still a work in progress. It was pretty grimy when we moved in, and since Sid, our cat, loves to sit on the white blanket and its starting to become covered in cat hair too. I’d love some sort of neutral coloured throw that would compliment the striped cushion and checkered blanket. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments below!

striped cushion, flower cushion, grey plaid blanket

I bought the coloured stripe cushion a while back from Matalan. At £6 it was a bargain, and the cushion itself was really soft and squishy which convinced me. It quickly became a living room cushion and has definitely earned its keep as its always on display on a chair or being used.

The grey plaid blanket was a birthday present from Ali and Gary. While I was away in on my summer travels, the temperature here dropped and our new flat got pretty cold. They decided that I needed a soft blanket to snuggle with on the sofa and in my chilly attic room, and chose this one for me. I loved it and was so touched that they put so much thought into a gift for me. It’s also the softest thing ever, and really warm too. I’ve spent a few cold evenings curled up on the cosy chair with my blanket feeling very content!

wood carved cabinet

This other little furniture gem is tucked away in the cosy corner of the living room. Gary’s second hand cabinet is really unique and I’m so glad it’s been included in the living room. In our old house, it had its place in Ali and Gary’s bedroom, but following the move it found its place storing bits and bobs here. The carvings on the cabinet are unusual, and I always find something new whenever I look at it. Gary’s mum got it for him as a birthday present, which only adds to the story of this great piece.

wood lizard cabinet handlesThe handles are my favourite part of the cabinet. The little lizards are so cute, and really give this piece character!

As part of the new look North Leads To Home trial, I’ll be posting more pictures of my flat, along with what myself and my housemates have done to make it home. If you would like to have your say in the changes to North Leads To Home, then you can take part in my readers survey, or vote in my content poll. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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