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Sunday Suggestions: 6 Interior Book Recommendations

Over the last year I’ve built up quite a collection of books on interior design and home crafts. Now that I’m not spending most of my free times reading Swift or Chaucer for an English Literature degree, I’m able to relax a bit with a beautiful book. I thought I’d share 6 of my favourites. In depth reviews of all 6 will be coming soon, but for now here’s my selection of the best interior design and craft books.

 Amazing Spaces by George Clarke

George Clarke in front of a renovated caravanImage source:

Amazing Spaces is a great mix of beautiful photography and useful information about how small spaces can be transformed into innovative, practical residences. Several of the projects in his hit tv series are explored in the book, and as a fan of the show I loved it. An in depth review will be coming soon, along with an anecdote of the time I met the man himself; George Clarke. Yep, it happened. He also signed my copy of Amazing Spaces. No wonder it made it onto my list of favourites!

Shabby Chic Inspirations by Rachel Ashwell

The dining room of The Prairie ranch by Rachel AshwellImage source: Rachel Ashwell

Rachel Ashwell is an interior inspiration in herself. She pioneered the recent shabby chic decor and has a beautifully distinctive style. Shabby Chic Inspirations is filled with stunning photographs of Rachel’s ranch The Prairie, homes of her friends, and some of Rachel’s own styling. Her writing is beautiful too, describing the stories behind some of the interiors she has created.

Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker

Decorate Workshop bookImage Source: Decor8

Decorate Workshop is an 8 step tutorial to make the most of your home. It also have a great cover that pulls out to make an inspiration board created by Holly herself. There’s also room for you to fill in worksheets to help you understand your own personal style. The photographs are great, and cover a variety of rooms and styles. I’m sure there will be something to get you redecorating!

Making Your House a Home by Clare Nolan

Clare Nolan for The Daily MailImage Source: Catherine Gratwicke for The Daily Mail 

 Clare Nolan is a respected interior designer. I heard her talk at Grand Designs Live 2012 and she had lots of helpful tips to spice up your home. Making a House Your Home is a how-to guide in a book, and is full of practical ways to make the way you live not only more efficient and easy to use, but also how to give it that ‘styled’ look.

Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik

The Petersiks, creators of Young House LoveImage source: The Tile Shop

I posted a review of the Young House Love book a while back, but if you missed it then here’s the lowdown. Sherry and John are the cutest couple ever, with their daughter Clara and doggie Burger they renovate the house they live in and share their DIY tips on their blog, Young House Love. In exciting news, they now have a baby on the way, so a congratulations is in order. The Young House Love book is full of practical how tos from DIY to beautiful crafts. The tutorials range in difficulty, so there’s something for everyone too.

Craft by Kirstie Allsopp

Kirstie AllsoppImage source: Paper Crafter

Kirstie Allsopp is a tv favourite of mine. Whether it’s Location Location Location or Kirstie’s Vintage Home, I’ll most probably be curled up on the couch watching. Kirstie Allsopp’s Craft is a great book full of how to guides to create vintage pieces for your home, upcycle furniture or make some really tasty, natural food. My housemates Ali and Gary got this book for me for my birthday. I was overjoyed, I’d been eyeing it up for ages but had never quite got round to buying it. Now, I can start making my way through the tutorials. I can’t wait!

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Disclaimer: All links to Amazon are made through Amazon Associates. This means that I receive a small commission of any product you buy by clicking on these links. I chose to write about these books and recommend them freely, as I do in all my posts. As always,  I only write about things that inspire me.


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