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Before and after: Ali’s DIY upholstered headboard

Ali really needed a headboard. Although the room she shares with Gary is fully decorated and homely now, it was still unfinished. The walls in our flat aren’t built at right angles, so fitting furniture against walls is problematic to say the least. Thanks to these wonky walls, Ali’s bed sits at an angle to the wall on runners, meaning that it has a tendency to migrate across the room, away from the wall whenever she sits in bed. A headboard solves this problem!

before: bed without headboard


So, we commenced with cheating our way to an upholstered button headboard with the help of Tegan from Traffic Cone Creations. A few hours later we had a beautiful upholstered headboard. Unfortunately, there weren’t any fixtures on the bed for the headboard. Gary did a little bit of DIY, and managed to fix the board to the bed. Here’s what it looked like…after: bed with upholstered button headboard

The bed now sits against the wall, and even if it moves out a bit it isn’t a problem! Ali had a dilemma over which bedding to use. We ended up choosing a red set to pick out the dark pinky red tones in the headboard. Personally, I think a turquoise blue and black/dark grey combination would look great with the new headboard and the current colour scheme. If you have any ideas we would love to hear your suggestions, so please leave a comment below.

ali3The new buttons look great and have stayed stuck on well, which was my biggest fear! They bring out the blue and green pops in the paisley print perfectly.upholstered headboard with buttons

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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