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Our Flat: Memory Surface

Now that we’re finally moved in the flat is starting to feel more like home. Little bits of thought out decor are starting to appear, like our kitchen diner which I shared a few weeks ago. My bedroom, too, is slowly starting to come together. My main issue was storage, which I’ll discuss in another post, but now that that’s finally sorted I can start to focus on the details.zzzzzzzz1When I travelled back to London to help my cousin Oonagh restyle her flat I visited my parents and picked up some of my most precious possessions; my photo albums. I wanted to give then pride of place in my room, but due to the aforementioned lack of storage, the only place they would fit was here! The frame and cup were both from charity shops and I think they go really well together… although not so well with the photo frames! Let’s say its a work in progress!

The Polaroid camera is my mum, given to me on loan to take cool pictures with because she can’t be bothered to buy film for it. As, ironically, it has now run out of film and finding a cheap one is proving difficult, I thought I’d add it to the vignette. I love this camera’s quirky, retro charm. Plus, it’s in keeping with the photo memory feel!
(Please excuse the badly blurred photo, some memories are secrets.)


I’m currently on a trip and not in the country, so apologies if I don’t reply for a little while. Don’t worry, I have more posts scheduled, so keep checking back!

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