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Fabulous Friends: Traffic Cone Creations

Welcome to North Leads To Home’s newest regular feature; Fabulous Friends! As most bloggers will know, starting your own business is pretty difficult, but I have some wonderful friends who have created their own unique businesses. Tegan of Traffic Cone Creations is one of them!

What makes Traffic Cone Creations so special is that everything is handmade and so inventive! Having watched Tegan hand stitch an octopus belt a few weeks ago, I can honestly tell you that so much love and dedication is put into every product, making them truly special. There’s a mix of stuff on the Etsy shop too; from fun festival wear to original artwork, every time I check back there’s something new for me to oogle at.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite items with you to give a little taste of what Traffic Cone Creations is all about…il_570xN.471546211_374p

Lions Mane Shawl


Lets Be Friends Dragon Painting

il_570xN.494813814_6a1pCustom Festival Animal Fursona Hood

Small Big Daddy Plush

With the options to create custom designs, you can be sure that your item will be one of a kind and made with tons of love and care. Check out the Traffic Cone Creations Etsy shop here or visit their Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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