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Swatch This Space

Choosing which colour to paint a room is a big decision. Committing to a wall colour that will be the basis for that entire room can be pretty daunting, as I discovered over the last few days. I travelled down to London to help my cousin Oonagh redecorate her flat. One of out main tasks was to pick a paint colour for the kitchen; spoiler, but we totally failed. Well, sort of! I started by making this inspiration board to get a grip of the overall feel of the room. Oonagh wanted a Moroccan theme with warm pinks, vibrant turquoise and hints of gold. Oonagh had already been swatching away before I got there.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 19.21.00.png

Dulux Sexy Pink / Dulux Sweet Pink / Dulux First Dawn

The Sexy Pink, Sweet Pink, First Dawn Blue Oonagh had already tried. We ascertained from these colours that the pinks were way too pink, and the blues too blue. The kitchen is north facing, so unless the colours were warm any ‘hints’ were completely sucked out. Plus, working with the colours on a yellow background made it hard to tell what they would look like covering an entire room. We made sure to do a swatch on each wall so we could tell completely how the light would affect it; different walls will look a completely different colour depending on the time of day!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 19.36.59.pngTeal / Seychelles / Pacific / Spearmint / Coral

We headed to Wickes to pick up a few testers and some other items to decorate with – keep watching for more posts on that! We decided that a really turquoise colour might be better over a lighter tinted shade. The turquoise is only going to be used on the tiles, so we decided to go bold. We got two dark shades; Teal and Seychelles, and a couple of lighter shades, Pacific and Spearmint. Then Oonagh had a brainwave. She suggested a coral tone that had a lot of orange in it, fitting the sunset colours description perfectly. We picked up a tester pot of Coral paint and called it a day.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 19.47.44.png

Once we got the colours on the wall, again it was a totally different story! The two light colours came up really pale. The Teal colour was, indeed, teal. But, the little saviour was Seychelles. It was vibrant and definitely turquoise, but it’s a bit dark when its actually on the tiles.

We came up with a plan to do the tiles randomly, some in the vibrant turquoise, and some mixing that paint with white to a variety of shaded tiles with some white ones. We’re also going to make a Moroccan stencil and spray a gold pattern onto some of the tiles. Sorted! At first, we fell in love with the Coral paint. But, the more that we looked at it the darker and more oppressive it seemed. As we’re graduating the wall from coral to white to allow for a stencil pattern in one of the room corners, we thought it might be ok. Giving time to assess swatches is important, as after a day we decided the colour wasn’t quite right. Now, we’re looking at Coral Flair by Dulux, although finding a tester pot has been hard!

Keep watching for more posts on what we accomplished at Oonagh’s Flat this week!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png



2 thoughts on “Swatch This Space

  1. It is actually amazing, how colour can look totally different depending on the texture. I’ve tried Teal for one living room and it was much darker than on your tiles. It was a very smart decision to try these paints first! Can’t wait to see the end result – sounds very exciting!

    • I know, I couldn’t believe it and I was so glad we decided to splurge on a few testers, it definitely saved us a lot of hassle down the line!

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