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Let’s Go On A Journey: Travel Inspired Interior Wishlist

Summer is the time when everyone I know jet sets off on amazing holidays, and this year has been no exception! What makes this year so special is that my best friends Jade, her boyfriend Oli (and my housemate from last year) and our friend Tom are all travelling to South Korea this month for a year to teach English. Jade writes a travel blog, JourneyCount, which I’ve mentioned before and even written a guest post for her. If you haven’t already had a peek, then you should. It’s filled with beautiful travel photography and the most wonderful stories of the places that Jade’s travels have taken her. There’s also helpful advice for anyone looking to teach English, putting the legalities around the application process into easy to understand posts. Go have a look!

Inspired by Jade’s upcoming adventure, and with my own trip to Thailand and Cambodia just around the corner, I thought I’d share a travel inspired interior wishlist. I love travel inspired interiors, but here I decided to go for some items that just say ‘journey’ to me and have a real ‘travel’ theme.

travel wishlist1. ‘Travel’ decor letters, Mooza @ Etsy / 2. Halong Bay Cushion Cover, TravelingGalPhotos @ Etsy / 3. Ceramic Camera, Linea @ House of Fraser / 4. Scratch Map, Urban Outfitters / 5. Nautical Compass Wall Sticker, DesignSPLASH @ Etsy / 6. Petherton Bedding, Anthropologie

Whenever I want something for a interior, the first place I look is often Etsy, and this browse was no disappointment! I wanted to find some wall letters to spell ‘Travel’ for this wishlist, and these world map letters are perfect. I also love the compass wall decal, which would give a bare wall a bit of character. I think a piece of wall decal like this would be a great talking point in the living room! I was drawn to the muted colours in the Halong Bay cushion. I know Jade’s travelled to Vietnam, so I thought of her when picking this item. The little ceramic camera isn’t so much of a ‘travel’ item, but it had so much charm and reminds me of those classic camera moments when having adventures. The hot air balloon print on this bedding is adorable. If it weren’t so expensive this item would be the first on my purchase list. Finally, every traveller needs a scratch map! I have one, Oli has one, Jade has one.. you should have one too. They’re really fun, and are a lovely reminder of your past trips. On the back, there are even cute little trip planning guides and a little box of helpful travel etiquette.

Which item is your favourite? Drop me a comment to let me know!Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png


One thought on “Let’s Go On A Journey: Travel Inspired Interior Wishlist

  1. I absolutely LOVE that bedding! I know I am biased but I so enjoy your travel related posts! I definitely can’t wait to see the amazing interiors and exteriors you will no doubt stumble across in South East Asia!!
    Thanks so much for the shout-out too :)

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