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Refreshing The Bathroom Window Sill

While there are lots of things we want to change about the bathroom, we decided to start with the easiest; painting the window sill! I realised last night that I hadn’t shared this little update and it did make so much difference. The window ledge was one of the many eyesores of the bathroom, but it was nothing a lick of paint wouldn’t fix!


As you can see in the picture above, the bathroom window ledge was a bit worse for wear. There was a bit of mould, some old water marks from glasses or shampoo bottles and the old paint was cracked and peeling.

Ali and I began by sanding down the window sill to remove as much of the old flakey paint and ground in dirt as possible. It was pretty quick but effective, and the wood already felt nicer to the touch once we were done. Check out my guide to sanding for some helpful tips!


Next, we used masking tape around the edges of the wooden sill. As you can see, its surrounded by tiles on most sides with a window above. We really didn’t want to get paint on any of these as it could compromise our contract and mean we wont get our deposit back.


I used a huge pot of Wickes Trade Flat Matt paint in Brilliant White I bought a few months ago was being stored outside and we’ve been having a bit of a heat wave here. The water and the paint had separated and it looked horrid. We stirred the paint and it seemed a lot better, although the consistency was still a little thin. After Ali and I began to paint the ledge (a few coats in…) Gary told us we should have used special bathroom paint that was water resistant. Oops. To remedy that we decided that we would varnish it when it was done.

So then we painted! The picture above shows the window sill after one coat of paint. As you can see, even one coat has made such a change from before. To be finished, it took three with about 20-30mins drying time in between as today was warm.

Once the window sill was painted we waited for it to fully dry. Next, we got a pot of clear and gave the ledge a quick coat. This isn’t the exact one I used, but I think its something similar! Hopefully this will protect it from water damage in the bathroom and minimise the damp/mould issue!


Here’s the finished window sill! So much better isn’t it? We’re really pleased with how its turned out and how much of a difference such a small area can make. I also added two cute glass bottles filled with sand I found in a local charity shop for 75p each, bargain! The beautiful bottle in the middle is Ali and Gary’s and contains sand from a beach where they went on holiday. I love this idea, and may try it on my next travel adventure.

Our next few projects for the bathroom include re-grouting between the wall tiles and putting up some hooks, a towel rail and a toilet roll holder. Fancy!

Are you doing any bathroom DIY? What project has made the most difference to you? I’d love to hear from you!

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