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Empty New Flat Photos

As I showed you the photos of our old house empty, I thought I’d also show you our empty new house too! Just before we moved in and chaos ensued I managed to have a quick run around with the camera to capture the house before we filled it with stuff.





The kitchen/diner is huge! I love the open plan space, although there’s not enough storage. That was quickly solved by this lucky free draws unit we’d picked up the week before. Its so lovely to have a dining table and be able to eat meals all together rather than sat on the sofas like in the old house.


The living room is pretty big too, with huge windows making it very light and bright. The sofas that came with the house are so comfy and a deep brown leather. The white chair is also the most cosy thing ever, which was a great surprise!

There’s also a weird little under-the-stairs nook in the living room. If this were my permanent home I’d probably turn it into a reading cubby hole. But, as it is, we don’t have nearly enough space for all of our stuff. The answer? Turning the under-the-stairs nook into the new Corridor of Doom by using it as storage.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 17.20.58.png

The bathroom is also a good size, although we want to (and have already) changed a lot in here! Keep watching for more posts on what we’ve done!


Ali and Gary’s room is huge, but surprisingly has little room for all their things! As we moved into the rooms upstairs we noticed all the walls were a bit wonky, as in none of the corners were right angles! It’s not too noticeable in the pictures but I promise its there!



My room has incredibly low ceilings but its perfectly sized for me. That’s not to say I haven’t hit my head a few times on the attic roof, but after sticking up some bunting where the slope gets too low I’ve been injuring myself less! I think if the original furniture had remained in my room I may have had enough storage. I wanted to have my salvaged chest of draws and my electric piano in the room the shelves and the little vanity unit didn’t fit so they had to be moved downstairs.

So that’s our flat! I didn’t manage to get a ‘before’ picture of the yard, and honestly its so unphotogenic that’s probably for the best. Keep watching for posts on how each room has changed since we’ve moved in.


3 thoughts on “Empty New Flat Photos

  1. Hi, Kiki! We are on the same stage, I also just moved to another apartment. Mine is big, but located in the old building and everything inside is pretty old. Now I am refurbishing it. Looking forward to see your “after” pictures to get some inspiration! :)

    • Aw that sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see how you get on! It’s pretty frustrating living in rented accommodation as we can’t change anything structural/paint wise, but its crazy how much difference furniture and decor makes!

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