The Big Move

The Big Move: Our Crazy Week

The week we moved house was stressful to say the least, but its so rewarding to be in the new flat and see it finally coming together. I thought I’d share a little overview of that week so you can see how little time it took to move and get settled. Hopefully it will be reassuring to anyone moving between rented accommodation. My first piece of advice to you? Rent a van!

So here goes, our crazy week started…

Saturday: We finished packing up the house and began the final clean. I cleaned the bathroom and my room while Ali cleaned hers and continued to pack. Oli cleaned the oven (Ali and I can’t begin to explain our gratitude for that!) while my boyfriend cleaned the spare room and upstairs corridor, big thanks again! Gary went to get our Big Green Van (the saviour of the weekend!) and the men (chuckle) began to load it, garden tools and furniture first.

Check out this hilarious video of Oli and Jade (of travel blog JourneyCount) playing on the truck. So much fun!

Sunday: Move day! We said goodbye to Oli as he left to travel home, it was weird to think we won’t be living with him anymore, but he’s moving to South Korea and we couldn’t be any happier for him begging his new adventure. We packed the kitchen and did the final clean, including the kitchen, living room, a final hoover over the rooms upstairs and a wipe down of the bathroom. We went to our letting agent to hand back our keys, which was a pretty sad moment. We headed straight to the Toby Carvery to have a roast dinner for lunch. After lunch it was time to travel to the new flat to collect our keys and move in!

When we arrived, the previous tenant was still there and we helped her move out as she didn’t have too much stuff to carry between all of us. She was lovely and reassured us about the area as it seemed a bit worse than where we came from; our gate to the new flat had been kicked in the week before! After she had left, we completed the inventory with the landlord and began the gruelling process of moving our stuff from the van, down and alley, round a tight corner into our yard then up the fire escape stairs and another one or two flights of internal stairs. It was so hot outside, our new flat was warm inside, and it was definitely the low point of the day. There were injuries all round; Gary caught his hand a couple of times, I grazed mine on a wall and sliced my finger on a decorative knife sticking out of the box and Ali got hit in the stomach with a metal part of the BBQ. Ouch!

We got everything inside, unpacked the kettle and gave up for the day. We had pizza hut dinner as none of us had any food and we all fell asleep so early. Side note: our beds are so uncomfortable, we can feel every spring. Can anyone recommend a good mattress topper?!


Monday: We woke up at 6.30 to drop the van back at the rental place. Gary had to be at work for 8.30, but he was the only one insured on the van. After driving across town a few times to coordinate all our cars, Ali and I ended up waiting with the van for an hour for the place to open at 9am. We slept in the car and woke to a school kid taking our picture on a camera phone. Typical England!

We unpacked the kitchen and started on the living room. By the evening, Ali and Gary had left to go and buy a shed when I discovered a box of our plates was missing. That box contained all of my plates and bowls, and most of Ali’s too. We gave up looking after a while, and ended up ordering Chinese for dinner. Gary put up his shed which Ali and I plan to paint once the flat is a bit more in order. I can’t wait!

Tuesday: I began to unpack my room properly and discovered that there was nowhere near enough storage for all my things. Ali, Gary and I travelled to a local town to hit up some charity shops. At Mind, a mental health charity shop, I found these draws. Problem solved! We also finally did a food shop, and Ali cooked an amazing roast for dinner. Later that evening, Gary found the missing box of plates when sorting through the living room. They were hidden under our pile of bin bags filled with clothes!


Wednesday: Ali and I frantically worked Wednesday to make the house presentable for her parents arrival that afternoon. The kitchen was almost finished and the living room looked way better! I took my bin bags of clothes upstairs and began to sort them out between my wardrobe, dresser and chest of draws. I took the funny little vanity unit out of my room and we put it in the kitchen for time being.

Thursday: Ali and I cleaned the flat and went out to buy some décor for the house. We also got some air freshener to get rid of the damp smell in the bathroom. Damp smell? Not again! Oli arrived to visit for Graduation and we spent the afternoon catching up with him. In the evening we went for dinner with Ali’s parents to a Tapas restaurant. It was amazing!


Friday: Friday was most of my friends graduation day! I spent the morning with Ali and her parents until they left for graduation, when I tidied my room a bit. Oli arrived at ours, then Gary got back from work. We had a little siesta then headed out to celebrate with all of my super-clever friends with a curry and drinks followed by a catch up that went late into the night.

So that was my moving week! I’m writing this post on Saturday 6th and I can say that right now, the flat is almost at the first stage of being ready. By that, I mean most things are unpacked and the downstairs is ‘done’ in the sense that its functional. Keep watching for a post on what we want to change about the flat!

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