The Big Move

The Big Move: Empty Old House

When we packed up our old house it was strange seeing it empty again. Student houses have a habit of looking exactly how they did when you arrived when you leave, so it was pretty bizarre feeling like it was move in day again when actually we were leaving!

When John and Sherry of Young House Love (one of my favourite blogs and a real inspiration to me!) moved into their new house, they did a post of pictures of their empty house. I thought this was such a great idea I decided to share some photos of my empty house too.


So here’s my room! As you can see, I moved my bed back to its original position against the wall from where it was in the middle of the room. I preferred having the bed in the middle, it meant that the radiator wasn’t covered so it was more efficient at heating the room, and I needed the wall space! It did make the room seem cramped though, and when we move we were supposed to move all the furniture back to its original positions anyway.


Remember my Room For Improvement post where I transformed my spare room into a chill out room? The spare room is back to being a spare room now. We also ended up putting random draws that belonged to the house but had no specific room in there, hence why it looks so cramped.


Ali’s room was full of furniture and décor, so I find this empty photo very strange! Ali had a huge room and when it was empty all the space was so apparent. When we took down some of the wall décor, Ali discovered a huge patch of mould on her wall. We knew the house had damp issues, but we had no idea it had got this bad. The bubbling wallpaper above the mirror should have been a clue, but as it was like that when we moved in we didn’t think much of it. In future, we’ll keep an eye out for any damp signs so we can catch them before they get this bad!


I’ve never shared any photos of Oli’s room, but here’s some photos of it empty. The layout is exactly the same as he had it, but his room was filled with photos and items from his travels.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 16.27.06.png

The bathroom doesn’t look that different, although the old blue shower curtain is back! I also gave it a deep clean, including the questionable areas around the back of the sink and the toilet. It wasn’t that bad, except for my confrontation with a spider. It was worth it to see the bathroom looking so clean after though!


The living room layout is pretty much the same, although taking down our flags and posters made it feel a lot less like our home. We packed up Ali and Gary’s huge TV and replaced it with the smaller one that came with the house and made sure that everything was clean and tidy as this was probably the most used area of the house, second to the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 16.27.31.png

Cleaning the kitchen wasn’t as horrendous as we anticipated as Oli kindly cleaned the oven. He put in a lot of elbow grease and we’ve never seen it looking so clean!


I’m going to miss this garden so much. It was like a little paradise in the middle of a very ‘city’ area and was the location for so many BBQs, DIY projects and relaxing sunny days. Before I left a took a little Insta-video of my garden, click here to view it.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 16.27.50.png

This is the back of the old house. In the extension on the left is the bathroom and galley kitchen of the ground floor and the spare room on the top floor. In the main house, the living room opens onto the garden with double French doors, while my room sat above the living room on the top floor. I had a great view onto our beautiful garden!

The front of this house was pretty distinctive! I didn’t include a picture as this house was rented and I wanted to protect a bit of privacy! Lots of houses in my area have the standard white double glazing on the bottom windows. When the windows are boxed out, I think it looks kind of cheap. I love that our house has faux wood double glazing. It’s not as nice as real wood, but I think it looks a bit classier than the white. What I love most about the outside is that it doesn’t look like a student house, it looks like a home, and that’s really what it was to us. Just in case you’re wondering, the front bottom room was Oli’s, and the front top room was Ali’s.

I thought it was important to take photos of the empty house as we’re the last people who will live in it looking quirky, with its little faults, but homely and comfortable. The new owners of the house are planning to renovate the house. Through a few people and during the viewings we became aware that they’re planning to possibly renovate the loft and extend the back of the house. When Ali went back to get metre readings the other day there were people there measuring up to fit a new kitchen and today we drove past and saw scaffolding has been put up at the front, so I guess change is coming soon!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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