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Sponsor: VELUX Sun Tunnel

Light is one of the most important factors to consider building, renovating or simply decorating your house. Unfortunately, some rooms can turn out small and dark. Ensuite bathrooms in loft rooms can end up having no light at all, while at our current house we have one dark upstairs hallway with no light at all.


Sun tunnels have been a solution to letting light into a room for a long time. Circular holes in the ceiling to allow light have been seen in architecture for a long time. An Oculus is typically seen in domed roofs so that at different times of day the sunlight will shine though at different angles. For example, The Pantheon in Rome has an Oculus, allowing light into the building at different angles to illuminate different features in the architecture. This Oculus is an example of how grand ancient design is.


Modern sun tunnels are a bit different from the Oculus, but have a similar principle. They allow light into the room by dispersing it, and can be fitted in a flat or pitched roof. Sun tunnels look high tech, and the company VELUX® offers a wide variety of Sun Tunnels to suit your home. VELUX Sun Tunnels are a simple but effective product to bring light into small spaces where a traditional window wouldn’t normally work. I love how high tech these tunnels look, from inconspicuous designs that seem to blend into the ceiling to more stylish fittings that act as a feature in the room. I love the dining room above, the pendant fittings on the sun tunnels look so simply decadent.


VELUX sun tunnels are also available to fit different types of roof. For example, there is the Flat Roof Sun Tunnel that fits a roof pitch from 0° to 15°, or a choice of the Rigid or Flexible Sun Tunnels for other pitched roofs. The sun tunnel in the image above shows how much light can be added to the room with just one tunnel, turning a small wardrobe into a bright, functional space.Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 11.48.41.pngI wish we’d had a sun tunnel in our upstairs hallway this year, its been so dark and we always end up walking into things that have been left on the floor. That’s definitely not a problem in either of these bright, inviting hallways. In both of these pictures I think the sun tunnels add a sense of luxury to the rooms. As they are fitted right into the ceiling, they have a bespoke appearance about them, and in my opinion I think they add a bit of wow factor, especially in the room on the right!

To purchase a VELUX sun tunnel or to view their amazing products, click here to visit the VELUX shop.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png


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