The Big Move

The Big Move: Furniture Inventory

With The Big Move only 10 days away it was about time we started packing. We were waiting to hear from the landlord as there was a possibility we could move some of our extraordinarily large furniture in early in exchange for us cleaning the place, but mid afternoon we received a text telling us that the tenants weren’t leaving the premises until the last day of their contract. This was a bit of a blow, but thankfully for us our letting agent is awesome and is letting us move in the day we move out of our current house meaning that although we have to move in and out in a day, we won’t have the night of being ‘homeless’ between contracts that students who stay for the moving period usually have around here. We still have to clean our new flat (something which has usually already been done before we move in,) but we’re clean freaks and would give it a once over anyway so it’s no big deal for us.

The plus side of this news is that we now have a move in date of the 30th June, one day earlier than we thought! The downside is that we have to fit everything we own into two cars and a small van as we can only do one trip – there is a two hour gap between moving out of the current house and getting the keys for the new flat. Again, this is better than spending a night in a Travelodge or sleeping on a friends floor, but we were anticipating being able to move the furniture separately at our own pace.

DSC_0330my chest of draws

Students? Furniture? I know, a pretty bad idea. But as a house, we love buying second hand furniture for a bargain or saving it from being skipped thanks to the generosity of some of our neighbours. Over the past two years we’ve build up quite a collection, ranging from small items like my charity shop ‘Whatnot’ to our largest; a huge dining room cupboard we found pretty much in the middle of the road that we live on after being rejected by the builders a few doors down. Great as these finds are, it will take a lot of moving

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.57.59.pngmy electric piano & Ali’s little shelves

So we know what we’re dealing with, and so you can too, I thought I’d put together a furniture inventory. I’m approaching this with equal amounts of  fear and excitement. So here goes!

 wooden ‘whatnot’
– wooden chest of draws
– electric piano (88 keys and a large stand, a big deal to move!)
– tall freestanding wooden mirror
– bathroom draw unit
– 6 unruly wooden crates that don’t stack
– (potentially) a large rocking chair

Ali and Gary
– large wall shelves
– handmade wooden shelving unit
– handmade chest of draws
– clothing rail with attached shelves
– 2x dvd shelves
– large chest of draws
– tall freestanding wooden mirror
– metal wall mirror
– small shelves
– dining room cupboard
– a large amount of gardening tools
– huge tv
– wire bathroom shelves
– large wooden ottoman
– little engraved cupboard

DSC_0335Ali & Gary’s chest of draws

When you add all of that to kitchenware, clothes, Ali and Gary’s ornament collection, my collection of home decor items plus all of our books, we have quite a task ahead of us! Keep watching The Big Move for more posts on strategic packing, plus any other misadventures we may have during the move . Follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with The Big Move and developments with North Leads To Home emagazine. Speaking of the magazine, stay tuned for a post with a whole lot of good news…

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png


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