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Inspiring Design: Beautiful Caravans

I have an unhealthy obsession with motorhomes. VW Campers, caravans, trailers, campervans, tour busses.. If you can sleep in it and it’s on 4 (or 3!) wheels then I’ll probably love it. I thought I’d dedicate this post to my newest Pinterst guilty pleasure; beautiful caravans.

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Caravans are a wonderful example of how a small interior space can be utilised effectively. I love the soft lighting and dark vintage wood often found within restored ‘vintage’ caravans, which offers a cosy feel (here).

Creating an airy, light interior space is easy, and has gorgeous effect (here). Use different, well worn woods in mainly light colours to add a rustic feel to a mechanical space. Simple, bright decor utilises any light which stops a small area feeling oppressive. Amazing!

A gypsy wagon is like something from a fairytale (here). I have to admit it’s a secret dream to own and restore a wagon like this. I think they’re absolutely stunning, and I love the intricate woodwork detail.If you’re feeling bold, go for a full on, wonderful, sumptuous style (here). Everything should be ornate, from the rugs to the cupboard doors. An interior like this is an exquisite example of how attention to detail can pay off!


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