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Inspiring Design: Shipping Container Home

After watching George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 (UK) I was absolutely taken with the idea of making a small, unique space into a wonderful home. The first episode in the series featured a dilapidated bus that was converted into a holiday home with amazing results, and a block of under-street ex-council toilets that were completely transformed into a stunning flat for a small budget. While looking at tiny homes on the internet I came across this amazing architectural idea; the shipping container home.

I found an image of a beautiful home (herewhich shows how the exterior of a disused container can be transformed into a light, new home. I love the outside decking and large glass windows which let in loads of light. The white canopy over the top of the decking is a great idea.

I was surprised at how light and spacious these homes can be. Several containers can be combined beside each other, removing the walls to create large rooms (here) . The difference in ceiling height in my example adds character to the room and stops it feeling too much like a box!

Shipping container homes can be really versatile. Two long containers stacked on top of each other (here). Shipping containers are designed to transport goods over long distances, so they have to be very durable to carry large weights and be  loaded on top of each other. Shipping containers can be bought in a variety of sizes too, which means that they can act like lego blocks to suit a range of living needs.

The natural exterior of a shipping home can create a really unique home (here). This industrial space is softened by the natural setting and outdoor decor, such as wicker chairs and or a relaxed hammock.

Container homes don’t have to be all modern and industrial. Mixing materials such can create a very eclectic interior (here). Try using a rustic colour and features, while still staying true to the containers original use. An exposed metal interior wall and the polished concrete floor are a suitable industrial compliment to the curved walls. A wood burner is a wonderful addition.


10 thoughts on “Inspiring Design: Shipping Container Home

  1. I absolutely adore the new layout for your blog, and you’ve added a lot of good posts. Container houses are such a good idea. I hope they really catch on, because they make sense for so many reasons. You definitely found a designer that can put together really beautiful ones.

  2. This is a great story! I wonder why not more of these eco-sustainable homes have been used- not just for the less privileged but also as a more affordable house.

    How much does a container home set up cost? I think it might worth exploring costs with and without refurbishment because i’m assuming putting in stairs to the 2nd floor like the Colorado one would cost a pretty penny.

    P.S. thanks for liking my Heinz Julen Loft post on – appreciate the support

    The Monsieur

    • Thank you :) I agree completely, I think they also look amazing too.
      The containers are pretty cheap to buy – about £1500 but after sandblasting and making them liveable it does add up, plus cutting holes in the walls needs an oxyacetaline torch (I think) because its so durable so putting in a second floor/windows is doable I think it just takes a bit of time from what I’ve heard!

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  4. KIKI,
    No need for a cutting torch, its an easy task for a grinder and a cutting disc, which gives a better finish and will not need further time/work ‘dressing’ up after.

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